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Ever since its foundation, Tylos Private School has espoused a mindset which capitalizes on the development of its curricula and educational programmed by implementing the latest educational strategies and technological methods which are suitable to achieve what we aspire for. Indeed, we aspire to be a model for outstanding performance to realize the school vision, the aim of which is to prepare well-educated students with a balanced personality.


Tylos Private School is doing the best it has in its capacity to fulfill its vision through its strategic plan which is being implemented via the departmental operational plans. On another note, we also work collaboratively and collectively with the parents as we believe they are of integral importance in the educational process which focuses on honing the students’ personalities so that they could become good citizens who comply with the values of our religion and who have academically, emotionally and socially balanced personalities so that they could contribute to the development of their country.


Hasan Zuwayed



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